Blaž and Andreja were introduced to Argentine Tango 21 years ago. Since then they have been extensively working on it in the sense of the dance, music and art..

While appreciating the roots of tango their mission is going beyond it by constantly evolving, experimenting and crossing the borders. Tango for them is a constant research of the movement and the co-creation in the couple, the creation of endless possibilities. It’s like walking on the edge.

“It is our belief that tango isn’t frozen in the time and has constantly been evolving since its beginnings – the true masters have always been innovators. We believe Tango has always been danced on popular music. We believe that Tango is a global dance – it doesn’t have a passport and Tango genes don’t exist since it was born among the immigrants. We consider body as an instrument, which should be taken care of. We give a great importance to the body bio-mechanics and technique considering them as a tool for the poetic, creative and artistic expression. We believe the knowledge is important. You can break the rules only by mastering them. Tango for us is a creation based on the communication of two independent individuals who enjoy co-creating.”

They are both the dancers, the choreographers and the teachers. They are the members of an international association AMBCTA (Associacion de Maestros, Bailarines y Choreographos de Tango Argentino). They are the professors at The Academy Of Dance in Ljubljana. They have been performing and teaching in Slovenia and internationally (Europe, China, South Africa, USA, Argentina).

They have created and choreographed many dance performances which were presented on many prestigious theaters around the world. The last one, “Othello – Shakespeare In Tango”, trans-media dance performance, was invited by Argentinian Ministry Of Culture to perform in Centro Cultural Kirchner, in Buenos Aires, in 2016.

As the choreographers they co-operated with Slovenian and Croatian National Theaters and the National Television.

They are organizing regular Neolongas in Ljubljana.