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Andreja Podlogar and Blaž Bertoncelj are internationally renown dancers,
choreographers and teachers of Argentine Tango and partnering. They are members
of international association AMBCTA (Associacion de Maestros, Bailarines y
Choreographos de Tango Argentino) and lecturers at the Academy of dance in
Ljubljana. They have received numerous awards, the title of World Champions of
Argentine Tango in 1998 amongst them. They have performed in Italy, Croatia,
Serbia, Austria, Germany, Poland, France, Greece, Turkey, South Africa, Hong Kong,
China, USA and Argentina.
They have created several dance spectacles: Tango Prohibido, Tango E-motion,
Harmonia, Subte. They have received the prestigious National Dance Award
“Povodni mož” for their choreographies in the dance spectacle Tango Prohibido in
2001. Harmonia, contemporary tango drama, was invited to Festival Cambalache in
Buenos Aires in 2010.
They choreographed several theatre performances (Venecia, Smoletov vrt, Three
pennz opera, Cas za tango, etc.) and movies (Tango -5, Que quieres, Marko skace).
They are co-founders of Tango Art Lab, international net of artists, who work on
investigation of tango as a form of expression. As a part of Tango Art Lab they created
a group of dancers, who investigate tango as an expression of movement and are
involved in different art projects (Festival “Noè v Stari Ljubljani”, Ceremony on World’s
Day of Dance, 1st Tango Art Lab Festival 2011).