The Concept of Teaching


Experience matters!

More than 30 years of dance experience in different dance techniques, 21 years dancing, learning, investigating & artistic work in the field of Argentine Tango, 16 years of pedagocical work at the Studio BA Tango and abroad, 6 years of pedagogical work at The Academy of Dance.

Devotion, knowledge and profound work matters!

Through the profound analisys of human body and the anatomy of the movement, the technique of tango and its structure, the communication paths in the couple they’ve developed a unique and profound concept of teaching tango, which is based on the true understanding of movement of an individual dancer and that of a couple.

Tango is an improvisation. It is based on the communication of two independent individuals, who enjoy co-creating.

We must first learn how to speak to have a conversation – we learn how to pronounce, we learn the vocabulary, we learn the grammary to be able to create the sentences…

And so it is in tango. We learn to communicate. We learn how to pronounce – we built the awarness of our bodies. We learn the vocabulary – the tango elements (barridas, ganchos, sacadas, etc.). We learn the phrases – traditional sequences (ocho, medialua, crusada, ocho cortado, etc.), we learn the tango grammary – the structure of tango which enable us to improvise and to create our own tango sentences or sequences. We learn the man’s and the woman’s role in the couple, we learn how to communicate and how to manipulate in tango.

We acknowledge the music of tango. We are getting involved into tango triangle, which is formed of the leader, the follower and the music. We just can’t get bored.

We believe…

The technique is only a tool for the poetic, creative, artistic expression and certainly not a goal. We can’t carve a statue without the tools unfortunately.

Tango is a communication of two, it’s a dialogue, not a monologue. The man thus doesn’t lead the woman without listening her reaction. He should always wait for the woman to answer and continue accordingly. The concept of the dialogue is not followed otherwise.


Tango is such as a life.

We have a choice.

We can choose to live a passive life….choose a boring life without changes, because the changes are life-threatening…choose to be narrow-minded, let yourselves being brainwashed and believe official storries without a critical distance…

Or we can choose to be proactive in our lives…choose to investigate, think with our own brains, be open-minded and creative, go beyond, seek the truth not just believe anything (eventhough we might think we speak to the experts)… believeing things are constantly changing rather than staying the same…

You can choose to dance Tango either way. The choise is yours completely. It’s just that Blaž and Andreja chose the second one…and so did the dancers in their tango laboratorium…

Learning Argentine Tango is truly a real little laboratory, where we learn, develop, discover, analyse, investigate, go beyond…we stimulate the creativity and develop our own style.

We work in a small groups, which enable an individual approach. There’s no universal way of teaching. Each individual is special with his or her own abilities and specialities, way of understanding and learning things.

Relaxed atmosphere is a must for learning, developing and creativity. We are aware of the following (We stick to the following ideas)

The freedom of the individual is limited by the freedom of the others.

Learning should never be too serious. We all make mistakes and the world would have been dull without them – the world would have been perfect.

Tango is walking on the edge and thus it happens that we slide over sometimes.

The humour doesn’t do any harm to our health.

We must know the rules to break them.

You can never know as little to not enjoy and never as much to stop learning.